The Uplands Care Service

- Serving the older people of Stroud

Steve Smith is our regular Art Tutor and he has described below how important it is in the care of older people.


The aim of the Art sessions is to provide a comfortable and safe environment wherein learners are encouraged to experiment with various mediums and approaches to art that stimulate and enhance latent abilities and facilitate self-expression and discussion.


Often elderly people in their younger days have experienced negative responses to their artwork.  Our goal is to encourage their latent aspirations and abilities and celebrate individual expression through exercises which include drawing, painting and 3D work and, as a consequence, embed feelings of achievement and self worth.


Here is a selection of our Service Users’ work and there are more in the Photo Gallery.. Top picture showing our new Art Board.


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Text Box: The Uplands Care Service, Uplands, Stroud  —  serving the older people of Stroud

What people tell us





 Dad really appreciated your warm and under-standing approach to his idiosyncrasies!   

Thank you for caring for our mother so well


A typical schedule for our Art Class


Complete floral mirror boards painting.  Start working on blackboard decoration


Rustic painting on driftwood.  Reference to Alfred Wallis


Easter egg—found item collage


Easter cards